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May 2004

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May 2004

Start Up | May 2004
May 2004
Start Up Magazine

Homeward Bound

Searching far and wide for a business to start? Go home with one of these ideas.

Get the Word Out

What you need to know <i>before</i> you outsource advertising

Prime Time

Aging Americans require more and more services--are you tuned in to their needs? A senior-care franchise could be your big break in this growing industry.

Netting a Winner

Before you chase down that business opportunity, make sure it's the right one for you. These tips will get you started.

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Take It Outside!

...or to your living room, your kitchen, or wherever you need to be. A wireless network not only boosts productivity, but also makes life as a homebased entrepreneur a whole lot easier.

It's a Mom's World

In between late-night feedings, picking up the kids from school, and kissing those boo-boos away, more and more moms are starting businesses. Do you have what it takes to be a mompreneur?

Close to Home

Are you trying to connect with other homebased business owners? You may not have to look too far.

Your Name Here

Create the perfect name for your company with these six steps.

Smart Idea

This company makes profits through demotivation.

Think Positive

Leave your insecurities at the door, and put your best face forward.

Startup Capital for Investors

How to raise the cash you need to boost your product off the ground

Let's Get Busy

Start cookin' with the hottest homebased businesses in town.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

How to get help when you don't want employees in your home office

Homing Devices

Zeroing in on technology and furniture for your first home office won't cost a fortune with these budget-friendly ideas.

Two the Rescue

This dependable duo is on hand when technology gives you a hard time.

A Cut Above

A landscaping franchise bloomed into a livelihood for this grad.

Better Safe. . .

One mom hopes child ID cards mean parents will never have to be sorry.


Keep up with what's hot in today's market, and your small space will be a big deal.

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