Startups Magazine: December 2007

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Ready, Set, Go!

What are you waiting for? Use our 101 great ideas to start your business today.

Tools of the Trade

Move ahead with technology designed to improve your business' safety and mobility.

The Big Score

Why pay big for consulting services when SCORE can help you for free?

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Back Beat

An entrepreneurial pair strike a chord with baby-toting mothers tired of back pain.

On Your Marks

Begin your search for the perfect business with these 950 opportunities.

Do Your Homework

The smart first step to buying a franchise or business opportunity: research right.

Paper the Town

Newspaper advertising isn't black and white, so follow these rules.

Problem Solved

Market your product to moms by showing them how it makes their busy lives easier.

Know Thyself

People are quick to offer help, but sometimes the best advice comes from within.

Mission Possible

Put your business into action with a powerful mission statement.

Conference Calls

Tired of looking high and low to find capital? Try attending a VC or investor conference.

Taste Test

Let customers see firsthand the value of your product by offering them a try.