Startups Magazine: May 2008

Featured Article

Creativity Counts

Discover how to take your crafting hobby from downtime to big time.

Wing Span

From the Air Force to entrepreneurship, this franchisee is flying higher than ever.

Best Foot Forward

How you look and act can say a lot to your customers about your business.

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Let's Get It Started

Follow these 50 steps to finding the franchise of your dreams.


With worries about health, safety and the environment on everyone's mind, getting clean is going green. You, too, can join the cleanup crew--and watch sales sparkle.

The Golden Years

Brad Cannon is finding fulfillment--and profits--through his senior-care franchise.

Get Fed

Uncle Sam wants you. You just have to know how to sell to him.

Team Effort

Joining a discussion group can help you handle your entrepreneurial fears.

Five Ways to Win Referrals

Word-of-mouth from key influencers can get your business' stream of referrals flowing. Here's how.

Clean Sweep

This entrepreneur used an old remedy to fight an even older problem.