Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2001

Featured Article

Tall Sales

No lumberjack, big blue ox or steel-driving man here, but would you settle for a sales team that can push its numbers from $18 million to $50 million in only five years? Here's how they did it.

Positively Poised

What it's all about

Comic Relief

Humor is good medicine; it could also be the best way to close a sale.

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Have Palm, Will Travel

eWallet makes filling out forms so passé.

Planning a Stag Party?

Hold off on the keg. Experts are still debating whether stagflation will show up.

Marketing Buzz 8/01

Visual newsletters and staying updated on customer orders

Take a Sip

There's no chug-a-lug-lug when these cars hit the pump.

Lights, Camera . . . Ad!

This entrepreneur hits it big with a small-screen franchise.

Need Some Cash?

Cash Plus asks that question of its potential franchisees--and charities.

Betting on the Bear

Take advantage of slumping stock prices.


Bring your images to life with a flatbed scanner.

Made (Up) Men

You can give a man makeup, but how will he choose the right purse to carry it in?