Entrepreneur Magazine: June 2002

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What's Hot

Work up a sweat with our 8th annual Hot 100 fastest-growing new businesses.

Going for Broker

At the end of your rope for ways to finance your business's growth? Forget the usual suspects and try the last place you'd think of.

It Takes Courage

Starting a business, facing the prospect of failure, making it through the tough times--it's all part and parcel of entrepreneurship. With courage, though, you can make it through anything.

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Setting Up Camp

Forget the knot-tying merit badge--this camp teaches kids skills they'll use in business.

The Job That Never Ends

Beating the local business community's drum is a lot harder than it used to be.

Get Well Soon

Your business about to flatline? <I>Clear!</I>

Keeping Her Toes Clean

In her search to find an inexpensive pedicure without going someplace icky, this business owner ended up reinventing the nail salon.

Contact Solution

Face it, Post-its and spiral notebooks won't cut it when it comes to contact management. Go high-tech and save yourself the headache.

Mind Over Mass

"You are getting sleepy . . . I mean 'skinny.' "

Marketing Buzz 0602

The restrictions on gathering market research in classrooms and the benefits of consumer contests