Entrepreneur Magazine: December 2002

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Get 'Em While They're Hot

On the lookout for the latest and greatest opportunities for 2003

All New

Be the first on the block with one of these fresh opportunities.

Connect the Daughters

Sons aren't the only offspring taking over family businesses.

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Management Buzz 12/02

When--and when not--to use humor; planning for the birth of your employees' children

Scoring Frenzy

Taking your computer on the links

Marketing Buzz 1202

How best to sell nonessential goods; are you networking or wine tasting?

What's New 12/02

The pickings are plush in this critter country.

Bucking the Trend

A change of pace can really pay off.

Hot Disks 12/02

A contact management program with Web access, easy credit checks and more

Group Dynamics

Joining a trade association could set your business's agenda in motion.

Off on Holiday?

Not likely. Seasonal sales will be stronger than ever. Is your site ready for the rush?