Entrepreneur Magazine: February 2003

Featured Article

Net Meeting

Let us introduce you to the most important people on the Internet. If you think you know e-commerce consumers, this might surprise you.

Talk of the Town

Think your city is too small to build a business in? How does population 650 sound?

Bend the Rules

Are overtime laws too rigid? congress is looking at ways to increase their flexibility.

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New-Car Smell

See what you think of these never-before-seen models.

Hot Disks 02/03

Getting organized, voice navigation and more

I'll Take Seconds

Consumers' good memories have them clamoring for the brands they used to love.

Protecting Your Trademark Overseas

If you want a global empire, you'll have to tackle international trademark protection.

No-Fail e-Mail

The art of writing e-mail marketing messages is a valuable one. So why haven't you mastered it yet?

Got a New Idea?

If the answer is "not really," don't worry; just buy the rights to someone else's invention and reap the profits. Now that's a bright idea.

Never-Ending Stories

Here's the tale of one entrepreneur who refused to close the book on her favorite out-of-print classics.

The Mental Picture

Bringing your definition of creativity into focus

World of Opportunity

Domestic funds tasting sour? Try some international flavor.