Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2002

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Game of Risk

If you see the words "caution" or "careful" in your entrepreneurial rulebook, you're reading it wrong.

It Figures 04/02

Small-business hiring patterns, keeping in touch with customers and more

Among Friends

How do you make customers comfortable enough to buy? Give 'em an online community.

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Little Women

In industries dominated by giants, small companies must break the rules to survive.

Julz Chavez

40, creator and co-founder of San Francisco-based Get Real Girl

Down by Law

Powerful industry lobbies are fighting tooth and nail to stop online competitors.

Child Stars

Reaffirming the American way, kids are showing new entrepreneurial interest.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Know where your drivers are-and how they got there.


How to be the best no. 4, 5 or 6 you can possibly be

Off the Market?

Nasdaq is bending the rules to lend a hand to falling companies, but will it help?

¿Que Tal?

The Hispanic market keeps on buying, even when you throw a recession in its way.

Unmaking a List

It'll take more than "credible evidence" to keep you out of government contracting.