Entrepreneur Magazine: November 2002

Featured Article

Got ID?

Surely these entrepreneurs aren't old enough to be millionaires.

Keep It Moving

Just because you're on the road and out of the office doesn't have to mean your productivity will suffer.

Why Should <I>You</I> Take the Fall?

A big client's bankruptcy shouldn't mean life or death for your business. Insure yourself with a UCC filing.

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Starting a Sports or Recreation Business

If you love sports and want to start a business, why not combine the two?

What's New 11/02

Going online means customers can do it all at this energy franchise.

Sending the Very Best

If you want to click with your customers using e-mail ads, be sure you're sending the right message.

Ball Bearings

A mood ring for the Web


The SBA hopes to throw more weight behind entrepreneurs.

Get to Sleep

For some business owners, sleep is a privilege. Can your business wait 'til morning?

Character Sketch

What are your salespeople made of? If they have the following traits, you're in good shape.

On the Go

This franchisee uses her own disability to her advantage.

Marketing Buzz 11/02

Getting your name in the press; video screen marketing