Entrepreneur Magazine: November 2002

Featured Article

Got ID?

Surely these entrepreneurs aren't old enough to be millionaires.

It Figures 11/02

Security changes since 9/11, spending by young shoppers and more

The Good Fight

The ASBA leader tells us just whose side his group is on.

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Getting Together

There's no better way to share opportunities than with a networking group.

That Covers It

You might not ever need another business book.

Fair Trade

Even the age-old practice of bartering is looking a lot different after Enron.

Please Don't Go

Turnover isn't necessarily a fact of life. Learn to keep your employees in the fold.


The SBA hopes to throw more weight behind entrepreneurs.

Get to Sleep

For some business owners, sleep is a privilege. Can your business wait 'til morning?

Chasing Women

Targeting an auto services market that isn't so impressed by grease

Midsized Matters

You can never have enough Accords and Tauruses around the office.

New School

Entrepreneurship is setting its own curriculum at one innovative high school.