Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2003

Featured Article

The Thrill of the Chase

Nowadays, it seems venture capitalists are an endangered species, but your chances of finding VC funding are better than you think. We'll help you track down investors with our 3rd Annual VC 100.

Finning the Flames

With a flash of creativity, you can swim circles around the competition.

Hey, Listen Up!

Plugging in to what others have to say can spark new ideas for your business.

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Give 'Em the Sack

Two entrepreneurs pack in the profits with treat bags for the rich and famous.

Sending Out an SOS

Our franchisees just hit an iceberg in negotiating their land deal. Will they be able to keep it afloat?

What's New 07/03

Helping high school athletes get their big breaks

Breaking Ground

One seasoned land developer puts his experience to good use.

Standing on Their Own

After years of dreaming, this couple decides to go it alone with their own Woody's Hot Dogs kiosk.

Mighty Mouse

Your store may not be a big, city-slicker business, but even a small-town shop can still get customers through its doors.

Know Thy Enemy

Ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to your competition.

Make It Snappy

Learn the valuable art of the one-page pitch.

It's Who You Know

Talk about your firm at all times, and you might reach the ears (or head) of a famous client.