Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2003

Featured Article

Talking Shop

Wonder what makes shoppers tick? 5 retail superstars reveal how to please customers and, more important, how to keep them coming back for more.

Now Showing . . .

Win partners by letting them see what you're made of--with a "portfolio" of your patented technology.

Back to Basics

Ex-dotcommers create new beginnings through low-tech businesses.

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Roamin' Holiday

Let a vacation put you on the road to a great start-up idea.

Payroll Piggy Bank?

The IRS is no pushover when it comes to payroll withholding taxes. So if you're tempted to misuse these funds, you'd better reconsider.

Send in the Clones

Will competitors' knockoffs destroy your products' edge? Not if you don't let them.

Take One Tablet . . .

Give it a good look, and call us in the morning if it's right for your business.

Help Wanted

Want to hand a project to a freelancer but don't know where to start? The Internet can help.

Resources 09/03

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Straight to the Outsource

Feeling the crunch? Then it may be time to look outside your company for help.

Out of the Ashes

This company faced sure disaster--but came out shining.

Direct Hit

Can direct marketing survive a consumer backlash?