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My CES Diary ... Final Thoughts


ces-sunday.jpgOn Sunday I waved goodbye to Vegas and flew back to the real world with another year of CES in the bag (laptop bag, that is). As is the case every year, I witnessed some amazing technologies, innovative companies both big and small, nifty gadgets and endless tools for the likes of entrepreneurs.

While you'll have to tune in to future issues of Entrepreneur for more in-depth looks at products for small-businesses or profiles of tech entrepreneurs, I thought I'd share some final thoughts and random tidbits...

• Internet TV is where it's at: Lots of companies announced technologies that will put the internet right on your living room plasma. Access various sites and channels through a user-friendly interface.

• No CES during Sabbath: I saw more than a handful of booths shut down and roped off on Saturday to observe Sabbath (one of many minuses I encountered to holding CES over a weekend).

• Weekend getaway: Among other negatives to having CES overlap the weekend were ... fewer company parties due to rates for renting out venues and clubs on weekends being higher; more overlap with the adult entertainment expo (possibly a positive to some); more expensive rooms; and most importantly, who wants to work on the weekend?

• A pocketknife for businesspeople: Victorinox made its debut at CES, showcasing its new line of Swiss Army knives complete with thumb drives and presentation lasers.

• Shout out to: Joey at MWW Group in Los Angeles. Thanks for your continued help and generosity to us folks at Entrepreneur.

• Blenders in action: I got to see Blendtec founder Tom Dickson, who's stellar marketing idea we discussed in our January issue, turn a rake handle into slivers with his high-powered blender.

• Stream it live: The folks at the Qik booth streamed the blending excitement live using their mobile video app. Note: You all might want to check out the app as a useful tool in your business.

CES, I bid you adieu. Till next year!

--Lindsay Holloway

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