100 Brilliant Companies
Booze, Whoppers and lottery tickets are the only recession-proof commodities out there, but we'd add one more to the list: brilliant ideas. The 100 companies featured here are evidence that a little brainpower, determination--and good timing--can trump even the worst Pepto-Bismol market.
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Fitness and Health Everyone from tweens to baby boomers is shelling out for wellness, that catch-all word that includes yoga mats, soccer camps and everything in between. Here are some of the young companies cashing in on the $100 billion trend.
Brilliant Company:
Five years ago, Stefan Ytterborn was watching his kids ski race--but instead of focusing on their turns, he couldn't get his mind off their flimsy head gear. The Swedish industrial designer, who has worked for Volvo and Ikea, brought his concerns to Dr. Claes Hultling, an M.D. who devoted his practice to spinal cord injuries after a diving accident paralyzed three of his limbs. Ytterborn, 42, had one simple question: "How do we build a safer ski helmet?"

The answer was POC's first super-safe, but stylish, helmet. Hoping to market it at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, but unable to sign on any of Europe's powerhouse ski teams, he approached the U.S. team.

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