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9/27/13 - To Our Newsstand Subscribers.
We have been informed by Apple about a bug in iOS 7 which may prevent subscribers from accessing their issues. Apple recommends updating from i0S 7 to the latest version, iOS 7.0.2 to resolve the issue.
After 7.0.2 update, please follow these steps to restore Newsstand issues:
  1. Delete app
  2. Re-download app
  3. Open app and re-store on opening page
  4. Click on "Book" icon in the top left and then back on "Cart" icon
  5. You should now see issues available for download

Please Click Here to view a visual representation of the "Re-storing process" once you have entered the app.
Please provide your feedback below with any questions, comments or technical issues you may be experiencing with the Entrepreneur digital edition.
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App FAQ's

I'm an Entrepreneur magazine print subscriber, can I access the iPad edition as well?

If you purchased the print plus digital subscription, you can access the iPad edition by downloading the app, tapping the shopping cart icon at the upper left portion of the screen and tapping the AUTHENTICATE button. From there, you can activate your iPad edition subscription by entering your subscriber ID number OR entering your email and address.

If you purchased a print-only subscription, the iPad edition must be purchased separately through the Entrepreneur app.

I'm a newsstand subscriber and I cannot access past issues.

There is a settings icon located at the top right corner of the application. Within that there is an option to restore the newstand subscription. Choose this selection to validate your iTunes account information.


I entered my subscription information but nothing is happening.

Be sure that you completed all of the on screen instructions to complete both steps of the registration process then tapped the "submit" button.


Does the Entrepreneur magazine app work on iPad and iPhone?

Yes, the app is optimized both for iPad and iPhone viewing.

I am getting a message saying I must download an update to the app. Why? From time to time, major enhancements or critical updates to the app require an update in order to deliver the optimal experience for our users. More frequent, less critical updates won't require an update but keeping your app up to date is strongly recommended.

Can I read issues offline?

Yes. To read any issue offline, just tap the DOWNLOAD button beneath each issue in your library.

I don't see all the issues I've purchased in the app. How can I restore them?

To restore any issues you've purchased, tap the settings icon in the upper right (the gear icon) and tap, RESTORE. To view your restored issues, tap the library icon in the upper left. It may take a few minutes for every issue to restore to your library depending on the number of back issues and your internet connection speed.

If I bookmark an article on one device, will that bookmark appear on other devices?

No. Bookmarks are stored directly on your device. This helps to ensure your bookmarks are available in offline mode.

I am a subscriber. I entered my account number, zip code, and email address but nothing is happening. What should I do?

If I remove an issue from my device, can I get it back?

Yes. Find the issue in the shop and tap, "'download". The app will remembers previous purchases.

I just downloaded the Entrepreneur magazine app but I don't see it on my iPad/iPhone

Our app appears within the Newsstand App in iTunes. Tap or install newsstand and look for the Entrepreneur cover.

Can I cancel a tablet edition subscription and receive a prorated refund for the time remaining?

No. You cannot cancel a tablet edition subscription in the middle of the period and receive a prorated refund.

I am having general problems with my app.

Restarting the app often fixes a number of issues.  To restart your app:

  1. Double tap on the round home button on the bottom front of your iPad/iPhone. The apps that are running on your device will appear along the bottom row.

  2. Hold down the icons until they "shake."

  3. Tap on the red circle to close the app and reset your application. This does not delete the app, but just stops it from running.

  4. Double tap the home button again to return to all of your apps.

  5. Re-open the app.

If you continue to experience problems with the app, please contact us in our feedback area and describe the issue you're encountering.

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