Become a Founding Member of Entrepreneur Insider

Become a Founding Member of Entrepreneur Insider

Entrepreneur Insider is a community created by the editors of Entrepreneur magazine, which is dedicated to helping its members grow their businesses and achieve their goals. We’ll do that by connecting you with the smartest entrepreneurs and experts, providing access to critical resources, and creating a network of peers that can help you stay on track.

We get it. Being an independent business owner is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. You’re in complete control of your destiny, but it’s often not clear how to take that next step, or even what that next step should be. Entrepreneur Insider is the solution for businesses owners seeking guidance, brainstorming opportunities and accountability.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated peer mentor groups, providing additional resources and accountability for your business objectives
  • Workshops and Fireside Chats featuring industry-recognized thought leaders, always followed by a Q&A
  • Customizable tools and templates, giving you structure and clarity for meeting your organizational goals
  • Optional monthly projects to boost your business and professional development

Members will also receive discounts on one-on-one consulting sessions, on-demand courses, and business productivity tools.

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