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Reddit Submits Filing to Go Public, SEC Reviewing Application

Reddit has announced that it had submitted a filing to go public with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The number of shares and price range have not been determined,...

Judgement Obtained Against Lead BitConnect Promoter, Says SEC

A judgement was obtained against the lead promotor of BitConnect, after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had filed a complaint.

CFTC Commissioner Opposes Crypto Regulation Enforcement, Demands More Clarity

A commissioner for the CFTC believes that regulators should provide more clarity on cryptocurrency compliance before penalizing alleged infringements.

BlockFi Crypto Lending Products Draw Eye of SEC Following Regulation Debate

High-interest-bearing crypto lending products offered by BlockFi have brought the company under the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Miami City to Disburse $21M in Locally Mined Crypto to Citizens

Miami's citizens set to cash in, as mayor set to disburse $21M held in a city crypto wallet to all 442,000 of them.

DeFi Offers Opportunities But Needs Better Compliance, Says SEC Commissioner

SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw believes DeFi has potential, but needs to address transparency and pseudonymity.

NYCCoin Launching Following Incoming Mayor’s Pro-Crypto Remarks

CityCoins announced that it would be launching an NYCCoin, following pro-crypto remarks from New York’s incoming mayor.

NYC Mayor-Elect Says He Will Take Three Months Pay in Bitcoin

New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams said he would take the first three months of his pay as mayor in Bitcoin.

NYC Mayor-Elect Wants to Make City More Crypto Friendly

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams was asked during a recent interview with Bloomberg what he would do to make the city more crypto friendly.

Pair of U.S. Congressmen Advocate for Bitcoin Spot ETF in Letter to SEC Chair

In a letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, a pair of U.S. Congressmen argued for the regulator to approve a Bitcoin spot ETF.

U.S. Regulators Investigating Role That Banks Could Play in Crypto Industry

An interagency team of U.S. banks regulators, namely the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Reserve, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, are putting their heads...

SEC Commissioner Suggests Regulator Should be More Cooperative

An SEC Commissioner believes the agency isn’t doing enough to work with cryptocurrency firms in establishing regulations that they can comply with.

Bakkt Share Prices Backtrack on First Day of Trading

Share prices of Bakkt Holdings Inc. slid below their initial public offering price on the first day of trading.

SEC Finally Greenlights Bitcoin Futures ETF With ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF

Friday, October 16 saw the approval of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), marking it the first regulated cryptocurrency investment vehicle in the U.S. to go mainstream.

ETF Analyst Weighs in on Bitcoin ETF Approval Odds, Saying ‘No News is Good News’

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas gives his take on the likelihood of a bitcoin futures ETF being approved by the SEC, as deadlines loom.