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Six Business-Friendly Smartphones That Aren't Blackberrys

With several major players in the smartphone wars, how do you choose?

The Best iPhone Apps for Business Productivity

Need a credit card reader, personal note taker or portable document scanner? There's an app for that.

How to Pitch Your Company to the Press

Mass e-mails get deleted. Identify one person and draft an individual pitch, instead.

A Checklist for Health-Care Reform

How the latest changes affect your small business.

Seeking Startup Advice? Look No Further Than Your Pizza Box

Forget about the Facebook model, Papa John's road to success is much more realistic.

How to Build an iPhone App Without Hiring a Developer

Tools to help you build and publish a competitive app, with no programming knowledge required

How I Survived My First Year Without Any Venture Capital

Brooke Moreland, of, worked two jobs and ran her business on a shoe-string budget until she got her big-break.

10 Things Every Small-Business Website Needs

From contact information to customer testimonials, here are the essentials that will effectively help you do business.

10 Data-Security Measures You Can't Do Without

Using these simple methods can protect your business and your peace of mind.

10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started

A few simple steps you can take to increase your search engine ranking

Wear Your Startup Failure as a Badge of Courage

Real entrepreneurs know that failure can be a milestone on the road to success, as long as they learn from the mistakes.

The Four Things VCs Look for In a Startup

They're easy to remember: management, market, money and, above all else, momentum.

Eight Interview Questions You Need to Ask

These queries limit the job seeker's ability to exaggerate or lie -- while cluing you in to the person's character.

Seven Steps to More Productive Meetings

Inefficiency is a big drain on your bottom line, so meet wisely.

Funding: You Can Overcome the Odds

Raising money is hard unless you have a successful track record, but it's not impossible.