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Oh, Behave!

Who to talk to, when to leave, and how to manage an office-party crisis.

The Bottom 10

Portfolio.com salutes the most embarrassing business escapades of the year.

Mirror, Mirror, at the Mall

A high-tech looking glass could be a dressing-room innovation or an annoyance.

Google Goes Mobile

Dominant Web-search and advertising company is poised to rock the cell-phone industry.

Should You Ever Take a Pay Cut?

Most of the time the answer is no, but there are exceptions.

Eco-Friendly Extravagance

From eco-couture to the Monaco Yacht Show, the new face of luxury is green.

Chocolate Wars

Warren Buffett gets stirred up; candymakers battle. A proposal to redefine chocolate is roiling the nation's $16.3 billion industry.

User-Generated Soccer

What if everyone in the stadium owned the team? An English soccer fanatic shoots for a new sports business model.

Masters of Invention

We rounded up the world's most prolific inventors alive-three of them have more patents than Thomas Edison-and asked them the big question: Where do the big ideas come from?

Giving Makes You Rich

New proof that it pays to be charitable.

The $3 Flight

Tony Fernandes had no aviation experience when he founded his no-frills carrier, AirAsia. It's now among the fastest-growing airlines in the world.

Rethinking the Brain Business

Why a mental-fitness program may be the start of something big.


Even small businesses can benefit from tapping low-cost resources abroad. But how to start?

All Together Now

Tear down those cubicle walls! Now there is furniture for the collaborative office.

Beware the Ultra-Nice Boss

A passive boss can wreak just as much havoc in the workplace as a bullying one.