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Napping Your Way to the Top

Even professionals who work 24/7 need their sleep. Can businesses help?

Where Deals Are Regularly Dished

Making an important business call in an unfamiliar city? Every town has at least one place that locals love but visitors never try. Here is a guide to some legendary dealmaking eateries across the country.

The Ralph Nader of the Skies

Kate Hanni's persistence, paired with public outrage over air-travel horror stories, got a Passengers' Bill of Rights to Congress.

C.E.O. Survival Guide: Your Kid's Internet Postings Are Landing You in Hot Water

What to do when your kids' Myspace page affects your business.

How to Count What You Can't See

For a growing number of companies, their reputation is worth far more than their physical assets. A new firm focuses on what those reputations are really worth.

Lost in Translation

Foreign A.T.M. and credit-card transactions cost more than ever before, thanks to big new bank fees.

Hearing the Buzz Before It's Buzz

What's the next hot thing? For these market researchers, the future is now.

The Laser's Edge

It's the coolest toy you can't get-yet. Researchers are working on movie projectors so tiny they can fit in your cell phone.

Google's Secret Formula

In the past 12 months, Google doubled its staff, tinkered with its search engine to speed up results, and now answers more queries than Microsoft and Yahoo combined. But there's one query we had to answer ourselves: How does Google work?

Quick-Hit Education

Are short-term university programs for executives worth it?

Power in Numbers

FareCompare set out to give travelers a way to get the cheapest airfares possible. It's turned out to be a gold mine for analysts and professional investors.

How to Be a Master Networker

Ever wonder who has the most connections on professional networking sites like LinkedIn? Meet Ron Bates, a "super-connector" who at last count had 33,789 contacts. Find out how - and why - he does it.

Crisis Can Be Good for Business

In an age when companies are faced with more crises than ever before (backdating stock options, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, shareholder lawsuits), business is good for calamity consultants who make millions by turning things around for their clients.

Dream Rides

Want Lance Armstrong's bike? How about one that's even better, and made exclusively for you?

M.B.A. Field Trips

More business schools are requiring students to travel abroad.