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Vaccination against COVID-19 supports a healthy pregnancy by protecting both mother and child – an immunologist explains the maternal immune response

In light of mounting research showing the serious risks of contracting COVID-19 during pregnancy, the CDC is re-upping its urgency that pregnant women get their shots.

Tax or treat! State laws on candy taxation vary wildly

Whether you pay tax on your Halloween treat supply depends on which state you live in and how it defines candy.

The most powerful space telescope ever built will look back in time to the Dark Ages of the universe

The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch into orbit in December, 2021. Its mission is to search for the first light to ever shine in the universe.

Medical errors keep killing patients – but there are laws, incentives and mindset changes that could reduce the death toll

Mistakes at the hands of health care providers are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. And many of the blunders are a byproduct of the system.

Kids and their computers: Several hours a day of screen time is OK, study suggests

New data suggests that lots of time on screens may even improve peer relationships. But the study comes with caveats.

4 reasons Americans are still seeing empty shelves and long waits – with Christmas just around the corner

An expert on global supply chains explains why shortages of many products have persisted throughout the pandemic.

How the climate crisis is transforming the meaning of ‘sustainability’ in business

Publicly, companies have been paying more attention to social and environmental issues, but their priority remains profit. Climate change is forcing an evolution, a business strategy expert writes.

Reporting all biosafety errors could improve labs worldwide – and increase public trust in biological research

A centralized reporting system for laboratory incidents involving dangerous pathogens in biological research does not exist in the US or internationally.

If the US defaults on debt, expect the dollar to fall – and with it, Americans' standard of living

An economist explains why defaulting on the national debt would result in economic crisis.

WHO approved a malaria vaccine for children – a global health expert explains why that is a big deal

Malaria is one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases. So why has it taken so long to get a vaccine?

Yes, the latest jobs data may look disappointing, but leisure and transportation sectors give reason for cheer

Job creation might well have slowed, but a deeper dive into employment data suggests the picture is actually pretty rosy.

Flu season paired with COVID-19 presents the threat of a 'twindemic,' making the need for vaccination all the more urgent

Recent computer modeling shows the upcoming flu season might see a surge in cases. Coupled with COVID-19’s continued threat, doctors are again urging Americans to get their shots.

None of the 2021 science Nobel laureates are women – here's why men still dominate STEM award winning

Science fields are improving at being more inclusive. But explicit and implicit barriers still hold women back from advancing in the same numbers as men to the upper reaches of...

Perseverance’s first major successes on Mars – an update from mission scientists

Perseverance and its helicopter sidekick, Ingenuity, have been on Mars for nearly nine months. The duo have taken rock samples, performed first flights and taken images of the delta in...

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified that the company's algorithms are dangerous – here's how they can manipulate you

You have evolved to tap into the wisdom of the crowds. But on social media, your cognitive biases can lead you astray, something organized disinformation campaigns count on.