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eBay rewards sellers who provide great customer service.

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As part of its focus on the , is intent on rewarding sellers who go the extra mile to meet or exceed standards. "We want to promote the best customer experiences and demote those sellers who are underperforming," says John McDonald, a senior director on eBay's U.S. trust & safety team. "By encouraging sellers in this way, we will help them deliver that fantastic buying experience."

eBay offers three major benefits to exceptional sellers who maintain their status:

1. Discounts for PowerSellers: For the first time ever, PowerSellers can receive tiered discounts based on feedback customers give about their buying experiences. Volume sellers who maintain a Detailed Seller Rating, or DSR, of 4.6 or higher will receive rebates on their fees ranging from 5 percent to 20 percent, with 20 percent off for those who maintain a 4.9 or higher average within the previous .

2. Better payment protection: PowerSellers in the United States, Canada, the and are eligible for expanded protection against claims, chargebacks, reversals of unauthorized payments, and merchandise not received when they have registered accounts linked to their eBay accounts. Only transactions that are conducted through PayPal are eligible. The protection is free, has no annual limit and no longer requires a confirmed address for a transaction to be covered.

3. Increased exposure: In addition, all great sellers are getting increased listings exposure thanks to Best Match search results, which were introduced last year and, in March, became the default search criteria for eBay listings. Best Match is different from traditional eBay searches, which defaulted to the item ending soonest, says Todd Lutwak, senior director of eBay's seller development team. "Best Match takes into account format, time ending, relevance--how closely it matches what we think the buyer wants based on the title of the listing--and attributes," says Lutwak. "We're also elevating the sellers with high DSRs."

Best Match allows buyers to find relevant items faster, increasing their level of satisfaction. In fact, since it was rolled out as a search engine, Best Match has proved to be the best sort method for successful buyer conversion. And because sellers with higher DSRs are elevated, it's more likely that buyers will have positive experiences.

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