Day #6: 10 Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Person On Your List

Day #6: 10 Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Person On Your List
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Senior Entrepreneurship Writer at CNBC

Editor's Note: We're rolling out 10 Days of Indie Merchant Gifts, in our annual celebration of the artists, craftspeople, designers and other independent merchants who make one-of-a-kind products. See gifts in the categories of petsjewelrykidsquirky, and food.

There’s undoubtedly one on your shopping list this holiday season: a friend or family member who recycles obsessively, never is without his or her metal water bottle, only buys sustainably harvested coffee and berates you ceaselessly for not bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. Buying something for a person that is distinctly anti-materialistic can be very tricky. But it’s that time of year: you have to get them something. Problem solved! Check out our eco-friendly gift guide.

We received dozens of submissions for our environmentally-friendly category, and so narrowing down the choices to the top ten was a challenge. There were oh-so-many tote bags and grocery bags made out of such innovative materials and reusable fabrics.

But after much hemming and hawing, we picked these 10 gift ideas for a combination of the “oohhh, cool” factor of the product and the story behind the invention.  All the items that made the cut cost less than $50 and were made by craftspeople and companies headquartered in the U.S.