A Look at 'Google Glass' and What the Computerized Glasses Can Do


1. Google Glass is sleek.

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2. It looks simple to use.

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3. If you want to take a picture, you can just tell Glass to do it.

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4. Google Glass lets you record exactly what your eyes are seeing.

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5. You can also share what you're seeing live with friends.

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6. Google Glass puts directions right in front of your eyes.

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7. You can speak to send a message to someone.

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8. It'll also serve as your personal assistant, meaning you can ask Glass just about anything.

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9. If you're trying to communicate in a foreign language, Glass can translate your voice.

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10. It can also give you answers before you ask for them.

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11. Glass is strong and light on your face.

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12. Aesthetically, it has a nice design.

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13. It comes in different colors.

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14. Voila!

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Google has released a slew of beautiful images and a video showing off all the things you can do with Google Glass.

It's also opening up sales of Google Glass to non-developers. So if you're a "bold, creative" individual, you can apply to buy Google Glass via Twitter or Google+.

All you have to do is say what you would do if you had Glass and use the hashtag #ifihadglass. All applications must be submitted by February 27. If you get selected, you'll receive an invitation to become a Glass Explorer and from there, you'll have to shell out $1,500 plus tax for the glasses.

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