The 5 Restaurants That Corporate Workers Expense the Most

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1. 1. Starbucks

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2. 2. McDonald's

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3. 3. Subway

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4. 4. Panera Bread

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Forget business negotiations over elaborate dinners and wine. Today, business people are spending company cash on fast and cheap food.

Starbucks and McDonald’s top the list of most-expensed restaurants in a survey released Tuesday by Certify, an expense-management software company.

The average expensed meal was $18.72 in the third quarter, up from $16.72 in the second quarter. Of the top five expensed restaurants, Panera was the restaurant where people spent the most – $35.35 per meal. The cheapest was McDonald's, where expensed meals averaged $7.45.

Of course, spending patterns differed by region. While Starbucks remained on top in most cities, in New York, orders on Seamless reigned supreme, representing 7% of all expenses on average.

Check out the slideshow below to find out which restaurants are making the most off of hungry corporate workers.

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Percent of expenses: 4.9 percent

Average charge: $9.51 

Percent of expenses: 3 percent

Average charge: $7.45

Percent of expenses: 1.9 percent

Average charge: $14.09

Percent of expenses: 1.6 percent

Average charge: $35.35

Percent of expenses: 1.3 percent

Average charge: $16.26

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