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6 of Yesterday's Weirdest and Most Wonderful Prime Day Offerings

Yesterday marked Amazon's second Prime Day, in which the ecommerce giant cleaned out its metaphorical closet. Last year’s Prime Day outpaced even Black Friday -- so it's no surprise that the higher ups at Amazon were eager to give it another go. Amazon wants to be the place where you buy everything, and nowhere is that clearer than in the wealth of sales on offer yesterday. Read on for some of the oddest products available.

This motion activated glow bowl toilet light

I was just saying: You know where I need a motion activated nightlight? My toilet. 

This frog costume, unisex.

It's a costume and pajamas. Such a deal. 

This autographed Darth Vader Helmet

Note: It was not autographed by Darth Vader. It was signed by some other guy.

This creepy garden statue

Place it anywhere you don't want to be. 

This four-person inflatable hot tub

Remember: For intimate gatherings, get the "Miami," not the "Palm Springs."  

This absolutely real, we didn’t make it up, CD that uses cat purrs for relaxation.

An MP3 version comes free with purchase.