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11 Gift Ideas Perfect for Co-Workers, Employees or the Entire Office

Be a superstar in this year's holiday grab bag.

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Getting a gift for a co-worker or employee is never easy. Even though you see them five days a week, it’s tough to know how much to spend, what’s appropriate, what they like and what they hate. Luckily, we’ve done that work for you, and put together a variety of gift ideas at different price points for your employees, co-workers or all of the above.

Lula’s Garden

Science says that adding a little bit of greenery to a room can boost a person’s mood and energize the overall ambiance of a space. So, why not help brighten someone’s desk -- and day -- with some? Lula’s Garden offers hand-planted locally grown succulents in beautiful gift boxes that also act as planter boxes. The best part is how low maintenance succulents are. When a co-worker is traveling or out of the office on weekends, they won’t have to worry about watering these plants. Lula’s Garden comes in a variety of styles, including original gardens for $35 and deluxe gardens for $55.

Available online; prices vary

Custom map and pen desk set

Get something more personal for a co-worker with a custom map and pen desk set from Uncommon Goods, which you can customize with the location of your company office or headquarters, a person’s hometown or anywhere else meaningful. Every day they’ll be reminded just how far they've come.

Available online for $65

EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

Here’s a gift every co-worker or employee will thank you for-- beer on! We love EdgeStar’s Craft Brew Kegerator, which will keep up to five gallons your craft beer chilled -- to as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit -- for as long as you want it. Its sleek and modern design also make it a great addition to any office.

Available online for $349

Mouth monthly snack subscription

Everyone likes snacks -- especially when the office provides them. Not only are they tasty but office snacks can create excitement and make teams feel like someone is taking special care of them. Mouth is a monthly snack subscription service that offers a variety plans and snacks to choose from pickles to chocolate to booze, the list goes on.

Available online for $60/month

Nintendo Switch

While it sold out in July, the Nintendo Switch is back on the market -- and just in time for the holidays. So if you’ve got a game-loving colleague, this is the perfect gift for them. Not only can it be used at home but it seamlessly transitions into a portable game console you can use anywhere. Another great thing about this gift is that video games also help to reduce a person’s stress -- so if you know someone who’s feeling a little burnt out lately, this might help them bounce back. It’s available on Nintendo’s website, as well as major retailers like Best Buy, Target and Amazon.

Available in-stores and online for $299


Everyone has a little brain drain sometimes. For a little pick me up or to help with productivity, HVMN offers the perfect mix of cognitive supplements to get people back on track and thinking sharp. Dubbed as Silicon Valley’s preferred nootropics, there’s no doubt these supplements will help get anyone through a long day, especially with names like “rise” and “sprint.”

Available online for $135

EcoSphere Aquatic Ecosystem Pod

An office pet is a major responsibility -- even if they are just fish. However, EcoSphere’s Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Pod is finally an office pet that you can’t kill. It’s a completely closed glass ecosystem that’s entirely self-sustaining, with shrimp, algae and microorganisms in salt water that have everything they need to thrive. All it needs is to be placed somewhere room temperature (between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit) with some light. It comes in small for $60.99 and large for $142.99.

Available on and Amazon; prices vary

Bartesian cocktail maker

Your colleagues will thank you for this. Make happy hour much more exciting -- and cheaper -- with a robot bartender. Think of it as a Keurig for cocktails. Using flavored K-cups, Bartesian produces premium cocktails within seconds. You simply add the spirit, choose the strength and let the machine do its magic.

Available for pre-order online for $299

Kuri the robot

With so much hype around AI and robots, why not hop on the bandwagon? Here’s a gift everyone at your office will be talking about -- meet Kuri, which is basically an AI on steroids. Kuri can capture events you might miss, which can be great for blogging and creating content, act as a second set of eyes on the office when everyone has gone home and can be programmed for certain IFTTT skills to automate things at the office. So, you could set it up to greet people walking into the office or move around to check in with employees.

Available for pre-order online for $699

Jibo the robot

Jibo is the “first social robot for the home” (and office), so you’ll not only be giving someone some shiny new tech gift, but also a friend. If your team is small (15 or less), Jibo will be able to learn everyone's names, faces and personalities over time. It can also provide flight updates, do math problems, give traffic and commute updates, share news headlines, set timers, give suggestions of nearby lunch spots (maybe to office guests), take photos and even tell jokes.

Available online for $899

ConselahDesign Docking Station

Most people spend 40 hours a week at their office, so it’s important to create an uplifting, innovative and functional work environment. ConselahDesigns’ Docking Station is the perfect addition to anyone’s workspace. Its sleek and modern design allows you to declutter, organize and charge your stuff in one spot.

Available online for $120