Not Messaging Apps but Email Still Remains the Primary Tool For Communication

Half of the American workers say email is their primary way to communicate with their co-workers.

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Good communication is one of the important things employees of the company must practice to ensure success. There are a lot of apps and tools in the Indian market for improving employee engagement within the workplace. However, the main challenge is to find the right tool that each and every staff member can use to communicate effectively.

According to a new survey by ReportLinker, half of the American workers say email is their primary way to communicate with their co-workers. It doesn't mean personal interactions like face-to-face and phone calls have disappeared, but only one in five respondents said they prefer these methods.

Entrepreneur India takes a look at other key highlights of the report :


Email: A Primary Method of Effective Communication

The study highlighted that employees use instant messaging applications 28% of the time, only 8% of respondents say it’s their first choice to communicate with colleagues. Those who favor email are more likely to also use instant messaging (30%) or their phone (80%) at work. Video conferencing is also becoming more popular at the workplace,  with respondents using it 23% of the time. 
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Desktop is Dominating Workplace

The report states that desktop computers (75%) and phones (71% ) still dominate the workplace, companies are also providing employees with mobile technology. When asked which devices were available in their office, respondents mentioned laptops 63% of the time, smartphones (56%), and tablets (36%).

Instant Messaging Don't Kill Productivity

One much-touted benefit of instant messaging is that it allows employees to get answers from colleagues quickly, minimizing disruptions. In theory, this means productivity should increase. But almost half of respondents say they see no change in their productivity with the applications. Meanwhile, among heavy users, 45% say they’re more productive with instant messaging than they would be without it.

Messaging Apps Enhance Collaboration

The study finds out that instant messaging makes collaboration among colleagues easier. Almost half of the respondents say it enhances collaboration, especially those who use them regularly at work. In fact, the more employees think these tools improve workplace collaboration, the more likely they are to attribute higher productivity to have an instant messaging app on their desktop.