How the Bhagavad Gita is Relevant for First-Time Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in 2018

5 unconventional yet simple pointers from the holy book for fresher entrepreneurs and business owners.

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If you are a first-time business owner or a newbie entrepreneur, you are bound to receive endless suggesstions and comments from people around you. These are sometimes redundant and repetitive, potentially confusing you on which to follow thereby leaving you in the lurch as far as obtaining quality guidance is concerned. 

With quality entrepreneurial advice being the criteria, the Bhagavad Gita contains certain unconventional tips that are totally relavant even in today's business scene. With unconventional and unexplored aspects, offered by the Bhagavad Gita, being the criteria; Entrepreneur India attempts at exploring the best of these. 

Check out in the slides below, the 5 unconventional yet simple business and entrepreneurial aspects following which you should potentially be in a position to take control of your ventures (with potential unwavering focus).


Avoid Entrepreneurial Anger

Anger in entrepreneurship, especially for first-time entepreneurs, is not welcome. Just because your venture is not doing as you expected it to (delusion), you should persevere and think smartly by eliminating anger; to make things work. 

Also stay calm even when your co-worker(s) err in a few areas. 



Remain Calm Even During Contingencies

Always remain calm even during fear and anxiety. Don’t get carried away by the comments of others (peers). Entrepreneurship and business ventures require lot of courage. Cultivate these accordingly. 


Keep Yourself and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Elevated

Always keep yourself elevated. Do not degrade yourself despite failures and just because others mock you. Believe in the power of your conscious mind, and ensure that your entrepreneurial missions are accorded the highest priority, over other less-important aspects.



Don't Deviate From the Task at Hand

Don’t let the mind deviate from the task at hand. Always stay focussed on your goals. Don’t get taken away by others' ways, choose a path and relentlessly follow the path to achieve your entrepreneurial and business goals.



The Inevitable Cannot be Avoided

Don’t worry about the inevitable. Always face the consequences of your actions. Irrespective of positive or negative results, from your business venture, own these appropriately; and then intelligentlyd ecide the future course of action. Accept both business successes as well as failures with an open mind.