How These Global Giants are Making the Life of a Business Owner Easy

Amazon recently unveiled a new range of Alexa-powered gadgets, we look at other business giants and their Alexa-powered gadgets

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What one can do with technology is beyond the comprehension of our minds. Digital assistance is something that is catching the eye of entrepreneurs nowadays. This is the age of Artificial Intelligence and with the Alexa gadgets, one can’t help thinking what the world is heading to with different forms of digital assistants. Amazon recently unveiled a whole new range of Alexa powered gadgets. We look at some more of them by other tech giants.

Google Assistant Website

Google-Google Assistant

Google assistant is available on smartphones and smart home devices. It is a useful device for people who don’t want to type as they just give voice input into the device and a virtual assistant provides the user with all the answers. Google assistant is available in 16 languages and more are yet to come. Powered by AI this device has great utility for asking questions and even giving commands for what is to be done.

Microsoft Website


If, as an entrepreneur, you find are finding it difficult to keep up your commitments, then try Cortana, an Alexa device by Microsoft. This unique gadget has time-based, location-based and photo-reminders. You can send emails, view files, see weather forecasts through this portable, smart gadget.

Lenovo Website

Lenovo-Thinkpad XI Carbon

This one-of-a-kind business laptop is created quintessentially for an entrepreneur. Just being 1.13 kg, this laptop is a take-your-work-along device. You can enter a business meeting with this laptop in your hand and immediately have your presentation on display. All of this is possible only because this laptop doesn’t require any wiring or cable connectivity.

Apple Website


This is an Apple created virtual device to get your things done. “Siri does more than ever. Even before you ask.” This is what Apple promises. This AI-powered device helps you make calls, send texts wherever you are. A very on-the-go device, alarms, timers, reminders, Siri is another all-rounder device just like other gadgets created by Apple.