World Food Day: Food Choices Entrepreneurs Need to Make!

On World Food Day, we look at the food choices entrepreneurs need to make for better functioning of their bodies and their firms!

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Food is the basic requirement of a human being. Entrepreneurs with their hectic schedule and demanding emotional and physical requirements need to make healthier food choices more than anybody else in today’s time. Here are a few ways how entrepreneurs can direct their bodies and firms towards better functioning by following these simple tips:

Winning in the morning

Leaders all over the world have spoken about the importance of winning in the morning. The advice of kick-starting your morning with a pumping workout will remain evergreen but eating a healthy breakfast and of what kind is also very essential. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and perhaps, the most important as well. Breakfast should have proteins, fruits, and a balanced proportion of carbohydrates is also not bad. Foods such as egg whites, porridge, muesli, a fruit chat, or sandwich with a lot of veggies along with a cup of coffee or tea will provide for a wholesome breakfast. A balanced and a wholesome breakfast can give a good start to a long and hectic day.

Being Mindful When it comes to Sugar

The only thing to be mindful of is that the tea or coffee in the morning or otherwise must contain sugar in moderation. Also, entrepreneurs must avoid sweet beverages or juices. These products contain fructose, a type of simple sugar which increases hunger for food. If the need to consume sugar arises, one must go for natural sugars just as jaggery and even fruits like mango, banana and chikoo(mud apple). Always remember that consuming sugar is natural forms is much better and less harmful than consuming sugar in processed forms.

Drink lots of Water

The suggestion of drinking lots of water is not new. Benefits of drinking water are plenty. From flushing out toxins, strengthening the immune system, improving brain functions as well as helping in weight management, water, truly is the “elixir” of life. It is, however, important to remember that one must have enough water and not try over drink. According to experts, the latter scenario becomes harmful for those who have a weak bladder. Divide your weight by 10. The result that comes should be the ounces of water you must drink. For example, your weight is 60 kg. Hence, you must drink six ounces of water ideally.

Technology to the Aid

Generally, entrepreneurs are the most updated lot of people when it comes to technology. Why not take help of technology for your fitness then? Entrepreneurs can use wearable technology such as fitness watches which can help them track their steps, calories, sleeping patterns etc. The latest smart watch by Apple, Apple Watch Series 4, has an electric heart sensor and can even store your ECG records. Apart from this, entrepreneurs can use fitness apps for fitness guidance.

Watch Your Quantity

Meetings, erratic work schedules, all amounting to consuming a lot of unhealthy and unwanted calories. Also, it is humanly not possible for entrepreneurs to totally avoid everything. So what is the solution then? It lies in the quantity. Eat everything in moderation and you shall feel better. In fact, before every meal, drink a glass water to avoid overeating. Carry fruits or low-calorie food like makhane (roasted lotus seed) with you for meetings or outdoor activities to avoid indulging in chips, fries, burgers etc.