5 Financial Hacks for a Better and Burden Free 2019

Here's why you need to focus on financial planning today for a better tomorrow

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It is said that your health is your biggest wealth. But if you have adequate wealth, that too will contribute to keeping your health fine. Financial planning is something that is done not by just business people but it is an equally important factor when it comes to laymen. It is true that the present is very important and one should strive to live in the present moment. However, it is equally important to plan in the future owing to the impermanent nature of life and the uncertainty that future beholds. Financial planning is an important aspect to look at if you want to enjoy your future as much as you are enjoying your present.

Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is the biggest asset you can own and best investment you can make. While owning other things like a car, which depreciates over a period of time or gold, for which you are always at the mercy of the external trends, may not be the best idea. A lot of business leaders and economists have highlighted time and again that this time is the best to invest in real estate which results in better returns and multiplies your income. It provides enormous financial security and helps you survive and sustain on rainy days. If you don’t own a property yet then make 2019 the year to change this aspect of your life. Talk to an expert and aim to make yourself the owner of a property before the year ends. It is never too late or too soon to do something which you have never done.

Keep Your Savings Game on Point!

Since the salad days of our lives, enough emphasis has been laid on the importance of saving money. Savings are not just for the stormy days of your lives, they can also help you pursue that expensive hobby for which you had planned to collect money in your childhood. Never undermine the need to save money.

Don’t Get too Dependent on Plastic Money

Credit cards are a temptation. They are of Satanic nature and will sweetly encourage you to eat the forbidden fruit and be condemned. Credit cards or plastic money is not bad; however, you must know your limits. If your survival is not possible without these cards then perhaps, it’s time to pause and rethink. Make yourself stronger rather than being dependent on an externality to sustain you. Credit and debt have ruined the lives of numerous people and many people who have been trapped in the credit cycle have ultimately fallen into an abyss of despair and debt.   

Splurge or Amass?

The choice is yours. Whether you want only splurge, only amass or do both. It is very easy to get carried away at the moment and splurge a fortune but if you are a working class individual then letting your sense and sensibilities come to your rescue could be a better idea. To have occasional fanfares is okay to reward yourself for all the hard work you do but always make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Take Your Priority List Very Seriously

Having a priority list in life for things and people is a must have. Wealth, under any circumstance, shouldn’t be left to not be prioritized. Having a clear vision on how you can expand your wealth to ease financial burden can work wonders for anyone. So whether it is marriage, children, your health or family’s wealth, retirement plan, you must have planned for each and an action blueprint of how you are going to accomplish it.