What it takes to Make it to a Coffee Table Book

Here are some of the qualities that can get you on the top of the game!

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India's Most Successful Entrepreneur is a collection of India’s finest and the most successful entrepreneurs. It's dedicated to the men and women who have left enduring stories of entrepreneurship. It is also meant to inspire the generations to come. Entrepreneur life journey to success will be showcased in this coffee table book which will be one of a kind Entrepreneurial handbook and will be made accessible to the entire Entrepreneurial community and business fraternity, who’s who of the world and top notch marketers and Brand Managers to take note.This article is to re-iterate if you have what it takes to make it to the top!


The journey of an entrepreneur is a treacherous path. It is filled with numerous difficulties, so then what does it take to keep going through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? It is none other than perseverance. An entrepreneur needs to be persistent to keep moving forward.  He or she needs to persist throughout the phases of low sales, employees exiting the organization, bankruptcy and even some controversial aspects that surround a company or a business.

For instance, Colonel Sanders, the founder of the iconic fried chicken brand, KFC started pursuing his dream only after the age of 65. He had seen everything from failures to bankruptcy but what kept him going all throughout? It was his persistence to keep pursuing that one vision that his life was waiting to manifest.

If you have an iron-clad skin to battle through the hardships of the entrepreneurial journey, then Entrepreneur Coffee Table Book definitely belongs to you!


Commitment is needed in any endeavour. The journey of an entrepreneur is a solitary one despite the fact that he is always surrounded by people. However, the businessmen always have a commitment towards the people around him. Towards his employees, debtors, shareholders, consumers, customers etc.


Passion for entrepreneurship is paramountly important for Entrepreneur Coffee Table Book nomination. Without passion, there is no journey possible in the field of entrepreneurship. Steve Jobs is a classic example of an entrepreneur who was deeply passionate about his work. At one point in time, he was ousted from his own company. It must be a humiliating defeat but Jobs realizing the fault in his stars bounced back in no time only start a second and successful inning in Apple.

If passion is coursing through the veins of an entrepreneur, he will always be upbeat and no storm or blizzard can come between him and his vision.

Give Back to the Society

Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates are two leaders who shown outstanding commitment towards society through philanthropic activities. Benefitting the society at large should be the root of all entrepreneurial endeavours. Starting with a micro-level endeavour to illuminate the society and the endeavour itself can become a macro-level enterprise.

Madam CJ Walker, the first black woman to become a self-made millionaire became an entrepreneur at a time when the idea of black-women-entrepreneurship did not even exist! She recognized the dearth of products that catered to the African women audience. This became a fuelling drive and fresh groundswell for cosmetic hair products that fulfilled the needs of the black female customers. Her cause and vision for women entrepreneurship were crystal clear.