#8 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

Love lying down on the bed after eating? That's the worst thing you do to yourself

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Our day to day habits has a direct impact on our body. We often take our health for granted and let work hamper it. What we tend to forget is such leaps have long-term side-effects on our system.

Something as simple as skipping our meal or overeating can unexpectedly harm us. We are all guilty of taking our body and its wellness for something that can be ignored. It is our basic responsibility to take care of our bodies. We take nutritional intake for granted!

From what goes inside it to what should we do and what we shouldn't, there are tons of things that need our attention. 

Today, let's talk about things we shouldn't do after eating. We all know swimming or exercising is a strict no, but there are a lot of minor mistakes we end up making. 

Entrepreneur India has brought you a list of the most common mistakes we wake after a meal. Let's get preventive before we lead to a stage where we require a cure. 


Eating Fruits

There is absolutely no doubt that fruits are the best source of nutrition. But when you eat it after the meal, it limits the absorption which leads to digestive problems and also changes the nutritional value of it.

The ideal way to consume fruits is an empty stomach or after some interval from your meal.


Workout Time

When you have just filled your stomach and decide to hit the gym or do any form of workout, you are calling for discomfort. 

Our body is designed in a certain manner and there is a time for everything. Working out post-meal leads to sluggishness and stomach discomfort.


Smoking and Tobacco Consumption

Don't a lot of us love smoking after a meal? However, this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The nicotine that you take in mixes with the oxygen and leads to lots of problems. 

It forms a compound with the hemoglobin in your blood and disrupts the supply of oxygen to the vital parts of the body. From affecting your intestine, leading to irritation to increasing the chances of bowel cancer, this habit of yours has a lot to give you.


Sleeping Immediately After Meal

Our instinct is to sleep after having a meal. We hate to say this but how about shifting your sleep time? Once you have consumed a meal, your body is taking its time in the digestion process.

Sleeping acts like a hurdle and causes a problem for the internal workout. Hence a lot of people suffer from flatulence, soreness, body ache and more.


Taking Shower

A good shower always makes our day. But following that ritual after a meal is the biggest blunder. You have had a meal and the engine of your digestive system has just begun. Making it encounter water slowers down the process.


A Glass of Water

Water plays a vital role in our life. Consuming it on a regular interval is essential and you should always keep yourself hydrated.

But when taken after a meal it directly cuts on the enzymes and juice secretion. To put it simply on a hot machine you are putting water, we don't need to tell you anymore. The result is acidity and bloating.


Loosening your belt or trouser

The next time you try to loosen the belt or lowers, remember what a mess you are calling for yourself. If you reach a point that you are going to make your belt a little loose, you are surely overstuffed yourself.

First and foremost stop doing it. When you try to play with the pressure around your stomach after a meal, it disrupts your gastric process, leading to various health problems.


A cup of hot tea/ coffee

The addiction of drinking tea and coffee after a meal is followed by many. However, it acts as an enemy to your iron intake and stops you from absorbing it. The reduction of the same is by 87per cent which can lead to anemia, loss of appetite, cold feet and more. 

These habits might seem small but have a larger impact. So before it gets worse get these under control.