Coronavirus: 5 Steps to Keep the Pandemic at Bay

Be ready to fight Covid-19. Spread the message and kick out coronavirus with these steps to stay fit, healthy and safe

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The Covid-19 has spread across the globe like wildfire. The impact of the pandemic is such that we have been in a lockdown to combat it. With no cure treatment or vaccine available, it becomes curial for each one of us to be responsible and look after our safety.

While you might be safe and still not infected with the virus, let's make sure this continues. World Health Organisation and FIFA, the international governing body of football have teamed up to combat COVID-19. They have launched a new awareness campaign led by world-renowned footballers, who are reaching out to everyone to follow five key steps to stop the spread of the disease.   

Follow these five steps and kick out coronavirus:

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Wash your hands for 20-seconds on regular basis with soap and water. Water and soap are should be given preference over sanitizer.

However, when both are not available, opt for an alcohol-based solution. Following this is essential as it kills viruses that might be on your hands. 

“Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution," says Alisson Becker, WHO Goodwill ambassador for health promotion, Liverpool FC and Brazil goalkeeper, and The Best FIFA Men's Goalkeeper, 2019. 



Feel the need to cough or sneeze? Reach out for a tissue or napkin. In case that isn't available cough or sneeze inside your elbow to keep the droplet of germs away from the surrounding. 

Since it is an airborne disease, droplets easily spread the coronavirus. By following these hygiene steps, you not only will keep yourself safe but also others. 

“Cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze or cough. Dispose of tissue immediately and wash your hands," says Carli Lloyd two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup winner from the United States.



We all have a tendency to touch our face, mouth, nose, eyes, every frequently. At the moment, this is the most dangerous thing to do. Say no to touching any part of the body above your neck. 

Our hands touch way too many things simultaneously and that makes it easily accessible to get in contact with the viruses. Once your hand catches virus it can get easily transmitted to other parts of your body. So make sure you follow both step one and step three religiously.  

“Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent the virus from entering your body,” adds FC Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi, The Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2019, and a multiple FIFA Ballon d’Or winner.



Yeah, maintaining a distance is a task. But it's crucial and important at this stage. Whenever interacting with anyone take a step back.

No handshakes, hugs. Maintain a distance of at least one metre to avoid any breathing contact.  

“In terms of social interaction, take a step back. Stay at least one metre distance from others,” says Han Duan, who represented China PR 188 times in an international career that spanned 11 years. 


Feel-Know Your Symptoms:

Understand your symptoms. If you experience like a fever, cough, cold, make a call. Every state and city in India has a helpline number. Connect with them and they will immediately help you. Seek medical help. 

Stay updated with all the official medical and healthcare website on what they are suggesting. Keep updating the local authorities about the status in your area so they know how and when to act. This will help them in combating the virus and keeping everyone safe. 

“If you feel unwell, stay home. Please follow all the instructions provided by your local health authorities," concludes Samuel Eto’o, former FC Barcelona and Cameroon striker, who represented his country 114 times.