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Cryptocurrency Innovators Need to Simplify User Experience

How entrepreneurs in digital finance can help encourage mainstream adoption.

Small grocery stores fear they will not survive closure due to second wave of COVID-19

As of July 2020, 150 thousand of these small businesses had closed in Mexico.

Covid-19 Vaccine Could Cause Sharp Fall of the Dollar

The U.S. currency could be weakened as soon as the vaccine begins to ship.

6 Secrets to Retirement Security for Business Owners

Take these steps now to have plenty of money in your retirement years.

Make Money Blogging: From Zero to $1,000-Plus per Day

Financial advisor Jeff Rose talks about how to make money blogging.

Why Seller Financing Could Save Your Acquisition Deal From Disaster

Although a cash sale is usually preferred, seller financing opens the door to buyers who don't have the funds for a cash purchase. With a bigger buyer pool, you stand a better chance of selling at the right price, at the right time, and to the right buyer.
Personal Finance

Gerardo 'The Manager', María 'The Lottery' and Mauro 'The Millennial': 3 Common Financial Horror Stories

Money is only a blessing if you know how to manage it. Otherwise, it usually becomes a true curse. This is the first part of this series.
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What's Next for PayPal After Integrating Cryptocurrencies?

The online-transaction giant has launched a new service enabling users to buy, hold and sell digital assets. Mainstream adoption might follow.

The Map of America's 2 Trillion Dollar Economic Decline

New data shows that GDP fell from nearly $21.6 trillion to $ 19.5 trillion between the first and second quarters.

Your Guide to 2020 Year-End Tax Planning

There are still ways to save money ahead of the upcoming tax season, including considerations outlined in the CARES Act.
Personal Finance

What Happens If I Don't Pay Down My Credit Online?

Sign up for online payments to avoid penalties and annoyance.

How to Negotiate More Effectively in the Current Home Market

Sellers have leverage in this volatile economy.
Personal Finance

How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance

Are you still saving under the mattress? Learn about the types of financial technologies that can help you.