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Brightest Idea

Your perfect business could be just a work sheet away.

This story appears in the May 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Starting a business isn't rocket science. Of course,it's not easy to begin a business, but it's not ascomplicated nor as scary as many people think. It's astep-by-step common-sense procedure. So take it one step at atime.

First step: Figure out what you want to do. You may have severalideas you'd like to pursue, but assuming you only have the timeand money to start one, it's decision time. Too hard to choosejust one? Start whittling down your ideas with the work sheetbelow. Most important, make sure you're pursuing a businessthat's in line with how you live your life and what you wantout of it. If things work out well, you could be in this businessfor a long time. So choose carefully.

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