Sports Pool In The Office Okay? Don't Bet On It

Think twice before letting your employees set up a betting pool.

Your employees have set up a pool for a sports event, and youlook the other way-or maybe even chip in a few bucks. After all,the betting pool isn't affecting anyone's jobperformance.

But if you think this is harmless fun, think again. Sportsbetting is illegal in the United States. The only way you can placea legal bet is to do so with a licensed agent in the state ofNevada, says Paul Bresson of the FBI.

Of course, tossing a few dollars into a weekly football poolwon't put you on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Gambling lawviolations are handled by local authorities, who typicallydon't pay much attention to office betting pools.

But just because you aren't likely to be arresteddoesn't mean it's a good idea for any business owner tocondone breaking the law. Set a good example by establishing andenforcing an anti-gambling policy. And Bresson points out one morething: All income, from sources that are legal or otherwise, mustbe reported to the IRS.

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