Spreading Holiday Cheer To Your Customer, Part 1 Read why a simple smile can make a difference during the hectic shopping season.

As the holiday season nears, there's a great need forcourtesy and goodwill to flourish amidst the flurry of tinsel and"sale" signs. Running a business can be stressful--andthat stress often increases in December. What makes matters worseis that you're not the only one feeling the holiday frenzy:Harried customers can be demanding, cranky and just plain rude.

So why, in the midst of all this pressure, should you make aneffort to be courteous and kind? Several reasons come to mind:

1. It's the right thing to do. People arecoming to you to do business. They have chosen you over yourcompetitors, and you should be grateful for that. They're thereason you're in business, after all, so showing some extracourtesy should come with the territory.

2. You'll win customers for life by doinggood. Research has proven that people remember whenyou've done something extra, even if it's as simple ashelping customers carry their purchases to their car. Catering toyour clients' needs is a sure-fire way to win their loyalty.And remember: News like this travels at warp speed, and you'llsee more clients because of it. It may be the one thing that setsyou apart from competitors in a favorable way.

3. Courtesy greases your marketing wheels. Nothingcan help your business run more smoothly than having a positiveimage and congenial relationships with your customers. When youmake it easy for people to do business with you, when you go out ofyour way to treat your associates and clients with respect, andwhen you take time to make people feel important, you increase theimpact of your marketing efforts. In ads, press releases anddirect-mail pieces, you'll have legitimate praise from yourcustomers to share.

4. Courtesy is the glue that holds your businessrelationships together. People are aware of yourcompany's "personality." If you market yourself as"Your Friendly Corner Bakery," you'd better becertain that everyone who represents your company projects afriendly attitude toward your customers. When people feel goodabout your business's personality, it's easier for them totrust you and your marketing message.

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