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You're the Inspiration

Know what product or service you want? Chances are, others want it, too.

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Creating a product or service to meet your own needs is one ofthe oldest business inspirations in the book. The thought,"Hey, I would like a service like this" inspires moms toinvent nifty gadgets to make child rearing easier, and collegestudents to deliver food to dorms. But how can you make sure aproduct or service you want will translate to the masses?How can you get the public to open their wallets for something youinitially conceived just for you?

"You can't assume that what excites you about thesolution is going to excite them," says Kristin Zhivago,author of Rivers of Revenue and founder ofZhivago MarketingPartners Inc., a revenue growth consulting firm in Jamestown,Rhode Island. You have to communicate to potential customers whatis important about your product or service, says Zhivago. She notesthat many entrepreneurs immediately go into salespersonmode--forgetting the crucial step of going into buyer mode.

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