Face Your Fear Of Objection, Part 3

Find out why it doesn't have to be over when your prospect says no.

Here are some more tips to consider when dealing withobjections:

  • Concede the point. Sometimes you won't be able tocontest the objection. In that case, go around it: "Yes,there's another very fine desktop publisher in town. They dogood work at a good price. I'm good, too, and I can get youwhat you need faster for the same price. Let me prove it toyou."
  • Give in. Sometimes the objection can't be overcome.But unless it's a one-time sale, you're looking to build along-term relationship. Understand that the client isn'tcurrently in a position to make a purchase or that your servicedoesn't match their present needs. Let the prospect knowyou'd like to help him or her in the future, and stay in touch.Be the person the prospect remembers because you would take"no" for an answer-at least initially.
  • However, sometimes a prospect is unreasonable. Maybe heor she wants you to cut your price in half. In that case, walkaway. Be professional, thank the individual for his or her time,but walk.
  • Always finish addressing the objection by asking"Does that answer your concern?" This does two things:One, it lets you know whether you've satisfactorily answeredthe objection. If you haven't and don't ask, the person mayhave decided to forget the sale. Two, it moves the process along.You've finished with the objection, and you're ready tomove on from there.
  • Don't tell prospects they're wrong, even if theyare. Always be polite, even if the objection seems insulting.The objection may seem stupid, but no good will come from arguingwith customers

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