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Voice-Mail Hackers

As you listen to your voice messages, does it ever occur to you that someone else could be listening in? Check out the security hazards of voice mail.

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What a relief that you won't miss a call even if youaren't at your desk every minute of the day. It's a reliefas long as no one else is listening to those messages. Voice mailcan be hacked by former employees, competitive companies or evenmischief-makers. To avoid a similar crisis, examine your securitymeasures. The Multi Messaging Educational Committee offers thesesuggestions:

  • Base your voice-mail system in a room with controlled access.Change access passwords regularly, and only issue them toauthorized personnel.
  • Monitor system reports to identify bad-password disconnects,unused mailboxes and any odd after-hours system activity.
  • Distribute voice-mail security policies to all employees.
  • Require employees to change passwords periodically. Theyshouldn't use obvious passwords like their birthday,child's name or social security number.
  • Never program your password into speed-dial keys on your phone,and never write down your password or give it to others.

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