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During the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce saw a natural boom. With businesses closed and people working from home, everyone was shopping online for all of their needs. But the industry is only projected to grow, with estimates suggesting e-commerce will surpass $908 billion in 2021. As e-commerce becomes the new normal, entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to break into the e-commerce space. The first step? Grabbing The Complete E-Commerce Bundle during our VIP Sale.

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This four-course bundle is led by entrepreneur and best-selling Udemy instructor Leon Chaudhari (4.3/5 instructor rating). Chaudhari is an online entrepreneur with years of experience, which he'll use to help you get your first e-commerce business off the ground.

You'll start with a broad focus on one of today's most popular ways to make money online, dropshipping. You'll learn how to build a profitable Shopify online store, how to empower it with Oberlo, and how to identify products with high-profit margins on Aliexpress. Additionally, you'll master the technical background you need to automate your store to earn passive income and learn how to improve your store by writing highly converting product descriptions, creating highly converting subscription landing pages with Mailchimp.

From there, you'll learn how to flip digital services for a profit by mastering the skill of outsourcing your services worldwide and applying flipping strategies in more than 20 highly profitable flipping niches. You'll also learn how to write, format, and promote self-published Kindle books and even build an Amazon Kindle Publishing business without having to write any books yourself.

That's all just the surface of the e-commerce iceberg. Start carving out a piece of the e-commerce boom for yourself. Right now, you can get The Complete E-Commerce Bundle for just $15 for a limited time during our VIP Sale.

Prices are subject to change.

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