Selecting the Best Media for Your Ad

Don't waste time and money. Here's how to choose the best place for your ads the first time.

Advertising Your New Business

How to get big results with a small budget

Calculating Your Ad Budget

Before you pour money into advertising, figure out exactly how much you should spend.

Market a New Product on Any Budget

Let the whole world know about your latest product launch, even on the tightest budget.

As Seen on TV

The time may be right for direct response TV ads, but are they right for you?

How Often Do I Change My Print Ad?

Three questions to ask before making any adjustments

Sponsorships Beyond Sports Arenas

Send your marketing efforts back to school.

Timing is Everything

...especially when it comes to buying advertising.

Low-Cost Advertising Basics

Get the most for your advertising dollars using these guidelines.

When Print Advertising Isn't Enough

Expand your advertising portfolio by including TV ads.

Heads Up!

Grab readers with a headline that's out of the ordinary . . . but not too far out.

Get Serious

What humor can do to your profits isn't very funny at all.

Easy Does It

Create marketing materials with easy-to-learn Macintosh desktop publishing software.

Co-Opportunities In Advertising

Here's where to find extra money to stretch your advertising budget.