Say Goodbye to the Genius Bar: Your Apple Product Repairs Could Look a Lot Different From Now On

Apple's new self-service option comes as a major victory for 'right to repair' advocates.

Amanda Breen

Developers Angry After Apple Reportedly Announces a Major Change for Its App Store: 'I Feel Sick'

Some smaller creators were blindsided by the announcement and took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

Amanda Breen

Apple Just Made It Harder for Thieves to Make Money Off of Stolen iPhones

Apple technicians will now decline to repair iPhones that have been listed as missing on a global database, according to MacRumors.

Weilun Soon

U.S. State Will Now Accept Digital Driver's License on iPhone

The digital IDs will be able to be used at select security checkpoints in airports.

Emily Rella

Half of of Apple's U.S. Employees Are Now From Underrepresented Communities

The company released its latest 'Inclusion & Diversity' report this week.

Emily Rella

Avoid This Major Leadership Blunder That Got Steve Jobs Ousted From Apple

Play your cards right if you want to retain control of your company and remain a leader people can respect.

Ted Wolf

This is the Apple spot that pays tribute to the path of the entrepreneur

A small eight-minute film portrays in a comedic tone everything that entrepreneurship implies and we can only say one thing: you have to see it!

Apple Launches First Budget 5G iPhone

The new SE model is approximately $250 cheaper than the company's original iPhone. 

Amanda Breen

Where Apple, Twitter and Other Major U.S. Companies Stand With Russia

This comprehensive list details how some of the biggest companies in the U.S. are responding to the conflict.

Gunman Demands $226 Million in Crypto During Deadly Apple Store Hostage Situation

A man demanded the equivalent of $226 million in cryptocurrency and a safe exit from an Apple store located in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Emily Rella