Branding - Page: 113

The Secrets of Successful Logos

How Twitter, Digital Chocolate and SmugMug symbolized their brands.

Five Key Ingredients of Lasting Brands

How to protect your reputation while marketing through social media.

Gail Goodman

The Marketing Magic Behind Harry Potter

Try these five branding tips from the wizard phenom.

Susan Gunelius

How to Name -- or Re-Name -- Your Business

A seven-point primer for creating compelling business names and avoiding major mistakes

Jeff Wuorio

Is It Time for You to Get Anti-Social?

Why some small businesses have pulled back from social media -- and are better off as a result

David Port

How to Brand Yourself: An Introduction

For many entrepreneurs, it's easier to brand themselves than the business. Here are four ways to do both.

Dan Schawbel

Using Sizzle Reels to Brand and Market Your Business

11 tips for producing short videos that will captivate your audience, spread your message and increase sales

Scott Gerber

Five Lessons from the Old Spice Man

A look inside the successful new media campaign from an old-school brand

Craig Reiss

How to Send the Right Message

Make over your brand using these smart tips.

Kim T. Gordon

How to Handle a PR Crisis

Ronn Torossian's advice: Drop everything and deal with it now.

Jennifer Wang

Green Fallout

The era when green marketing meant sunny logos and big environmental claims is over. Just ask BP.

Jason Daley

How to Identify and Reach Underserved Markets

Go beyond demographics by targeting specific types of people.

Russ Fradin