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The 4 Pillars New Brands Must Communicate to Their Audience

Simplicity is key in any branding strategy. Overthinking and having too many internal considerations can expose your external brand perception as muddy and disjointed.
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A Great Chief Marketing Officer Can Make All the Difference. Here's How to Snag One.

Hiring a CMO can be tricky for a number of reasons, including that they don't come cheap. Try one of these five strategies.
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The Quick and Dirty on Marketing, Advertising and Branding

Misunderstanding the differences between these terms can create a situation as uncomfortable as wearing pajamas to a professional networking event.
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Why Brand Ambassadors Are Earned, Not Hired

Cultivate a customer base that will sing your praises for you.
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Determining the Right Kind of Video for Your Message

As video marketing becomes increasingly commonplace online, it's important to know which video type will deliver your message most effectively.
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Protect Your Career, Protect Your Personal Brand

The way you're perceived in your work makes a difference for your company and for you.
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7 Concepts Every CEO Has to Nail

Being a CEO isn't like playing a game. Don't call yourself one if you can't handle these concepts.
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Why TED Gave Up Control of Its Brand and Why You Should, Too

By sharing its approach, the conference company creates a pipeline for the future and makes its core product stronger.
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The 3 Best Measures of True Branding Success Are Tough to Quantify

Validating your branding efforts with emotional-value metrics is unavoidably a blend of intuition and analytics because brand loyalty is anything but rational.
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Ask Yourself: Who's Protecting Your Company's Brand?

Learn why brand protection is everyone's job, from the C-suite to the rank-and-file employees.
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Don't Let These 5 Excuses Stop You From Networking

Often, when it comes to building relationships, the same excuses surface repeatedly with entrepreneurs. Here is how to get past them.
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In Branding, Play the Long Game

Creating a brand is one thing, but the real trick is sustaining it.
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