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Get a Lifetime Subscription to This AI Voiceover App for Just $50

Embrace AI for your digital content creation with this app, now $69 off.

Growing a Business

André Moraes of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab on Helping Restaurants Be Future-Proof

Interview with the head of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab André Moraes about using digital tools effectively, technology being an enabler, and the positive culture at PepsiCo.


Empowering Your People Is the Best Decision You Can Make. Here's Why.

Giving control to someone else can be hard — and at times, even scary. Here are four tips to ensure that empowering your employees and giving them autonomy will be the best choice for your business.

Science & Technology

How ChatGPT and Generative AI Can Transform the Way You Run Your Business

Let's take a high-level overview of how generative AI might transform your fledgling business. The benefits of this technology innovation remain crucial for any entrepreneur to grasp.


Don't Neglect This One Crucial Step of Leading Through Constant Change

Investing in the skills necessary to guide employees through change effectively will have a powerful impact on long-term company morale.

Science & Technology

Ready to Integrate AI Systems Into Your Workplace Performance? Here's What You Should Know.

Today's business leaders have the opportunity to design work experiences that leverage the best of technology to amplify the human experience.

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Elon Musk Questions Microsoft's Decision to Layoff AI Ethics Team

The tech billionaire has warned about the dangers of unregulated AI technology.

Science & Technology

Small Businesses Have Fewer Resources Than Big Companies. Here's How AI Can Fill the Gaps.

Explore how generative AI, in combination with people, can empower small business owners to accomplish more in less time — and with fewer resources.

Business News

You Can Try Microsoft's 'Gaslighting' Bing GPT-4 Chatbot for Yourself Now — Here's How

You can have your own AI-powered conversations today — for better or worse.


4 Reasons Companies Should Embrace March Madness Office Competitions

Use the fun and energy of March Madness to boost staff morale and client relationships.

Science & Technology

I Got a First Look at OpenAI's GPT-4. Here's How It's Going to Revolutionize Industries Worldwide — Even More Than ChatGPT.

I experienced the magic of OpenAI's latest weapon in the AI arms race, GPT-4. It's going to redefine human-AI interaction and transform the way all of us work.

Science & Technology

Despite How the Media Portrays It, AI Is Not Really Intelligent. Here's Why.

Here are three reasons why AI is not really intelligent but rather well-trained, and why it's important to have a realistic understanding of its capabilities.

Real Estate

5 Property Management Tasks to Automate in 2023

Read how you can automate rent reminders, applicant pipeline, renewals, financial reports, and late fees administration with property management software to simplify your rental business in 2023.


Why We Should Be Talking About Organizational Identity and Not Just Company Culture

Organizational identity heavily influences business strategy and should directly dictate company culture.

Business Culture

6 Tips for Making Your Employees Feel Valued

At the end of the day, ensuring your employees feel valued will build a culture of appreciation. Take the time to express your gratitude to your workforce and see what a difference it can make in these six areas.