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Pros and Cons of Expanding Your Product Line

Diversifying may bring in new business, but it could also hurt your brand. Here's how to determine if it's the right move for your company.

Kim T. Gordon

· 4 min read

Netting a Winner

Before you chase down that business opportunity, make sure it's the right one for you. These tips will get you started.

Andrew A. Caffey

· 12 min read

Why Lenders Like Funding Business Acquisitions

Buying an existing business may get lenders on your side faster than building from scratch.

Crystal Detamore-Rodman

· 7 min read
ent-o Insider

Repeat Business

When your franchise is a roaring success, what's the next step?

Matthew R. Carreon

· 2 min read

Why Business Owners Need Angels

Get in touch with an angel, says one entrepreneur—and we don't mean angel investor—and you might find the help you need in starting and growing your business.

Cliff Ennico

· 4 min read
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Growing Pains

7 Ways to successfully prepare your business for its stages of growth.

Carolyn Campbell

· 9 min read
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Buddy System

Want to double your selling power? Team up with a complementary business.

Danielle Kennedy

· 6 min read
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On A Roll

After a lull in the '80s, Blimpie is revitalized--and ready to take on the competition.

Holly Celeste Fisk

· 4 min read