Steve Jobs' Handwritten Job Application Is Auctioned as NFT

Yes, the document has already been auctioned before, but now it could be obtained as a "non-fungible token."

Elon Musk lives in this rented 'mini home' after selling all his mansions

Since last year, Elon Musk has promised to sell all of his properties, including six of his mansions. Now the world's third-richest man lives in a 37-square-meter 'mini home' in Texas.

Alto Nivel

This is the strength of entrepreneurship in Mexico

Despite the pandemic, 90% of Mexicans are interested in starting their own business and doing it through social media, according to the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report.

Zoom's CEO Just Gave Away $6 Billion Worth of His Shares

A spokesperson for the company said that the decision was part of Eric Yuan and his wife's estate plan.

Elon Musk: Sleeping Fewer Than 6 Hours Affects Productivity

The Tesla and SpaceX founder revealed that he tried to get less than six hours of sleep, however this decision lowered his overall productivity.

How to Merge Two Companies? Do It Like It's a Relationship.

Ecomsur is a fullcommerce company, which arose from "a marriage" between a Chilean company with the same name and a Mexican company called Ingnite.

María Arcia

Elon Musk Plans to Write a Book About Tesla and SpaceX

The tycoon broke the news on his favorite social media platform.

Parler co-founder and CEO fired from his own company

Parler is a social network that was targeted because it was accused of promoting hate speech when the assault on the capitol took place.

An entrepreneur Sells His Restaurant for $1 in the United States

The establishment that was used as a bar and karaoke has suffered great losses and its owner Li Zhang is bearing the cost of renting $ 5,000 a month.

Jeff Bezos Demands $1.7 Million From His Girlfriend's Brother to Cover Legal Fees

After Michael Sánchez lost the defamation lawsuit against the tycoon, Bezos has made this decision.