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In Business, Nice Guys Finish First. Yes, Really.

CEOs who score high on traits like integrity and compassion deliver better results for shareholders, says a new book.

Anne Fisher

How CEOs Can Prevent the Scourge of Isolation

Heads of companies are sheltered in the C suite. Here's how to break out of the Fortress of Solitude.

Joel Trammell

Can Target's New CEO Re-Energize the Big Retailer?

A detailed look at Brian Cornell's new approach to a process-heavy company.

Phil Wahba

4 Key Functions of a Chief Financial Officer

Think your company needs a CFO? You might be right.

Snapchat for CEOs? Anonymous Messaging App Launches.

With messages that self-destruct in 24 hours, this new app is aimed at the business elite.

Arjun Kharpal

Apple's First Social-Media Guru on the No. 1 Way to Market Your Brand

Peter Friedman ran social media for Apple before it was even called social media. Here's his top social-media secret for building buzz around your brand.

C-Suite Women Serve Up Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Female executives offer tips to benefit business leaders of all types.

Should the Chairman Be the CEO?

Put simply, no. Splitting the roles saves money and improves a company's performance. So why isn't Corporate America listening?

Paul Hodgson

Satya Nadella Proves Even Giants Can Pivot

Just three months into his tenure as Microsoft CEO, Nadella has made peace with Apple and embraced change.